Navajo Nation ARPA Hardship Assistance

FAQs and Resources
Deadline to submit application for ARPA Hardship Assistance

December 30, 2022

Where to send completed application with copies of required documents

Mail: Office of the Controller

PO Box 3150

Window Rock, AZ 86515


Do not send to the chapter houses or drop off at chapter house. Mail directly or email the Office of the Controller.

Contact Information for Hardship Payment

Serena Castillo

  • (928)871-6106

Wallace James

  • (928)871-6315

Jennie Arviso

  • (928)223-3525

Sonja Boyd

  • (928)224-8148

Rachelle Begaye

  • (928)224-8212

Jasper Long

  • (928)371-9226

Leann Harry

  • (928)223-3709

Ralphena Thompson

  • (928)223-3712


Emailing Requests

If you email about the status of your application and payment, provide your name, CIB number, and date of birth with your request.

The Navajo Nation American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Hardship Assistance provides $2,000.00 in emergency assistance to Navajo individuals. Enrolled Navajo Nation members are qualified to recieve the hardship payment.

The ‘hardship’ payment will be dispursed from the Navajo Nation Office of the Controller in Window Rock and mailed directly to recipients at the mailing address provided in your application.

Checks are not sent to chapter houses and chapter staff does not know the status of your application nor have control of the money dispursment process. Contact the Navajo Nation Office of the Controller. Contact info is located on the left of this page.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Apply for the Hardship Assistance Payment?

Fill out the application (navajo-nation-arpa-hardship-application) and attached a copy of your CIB and everyone else’s CIB that is included on the application (ie. spouse, child, legal guardianship, dependents).

Do I need to submit my driver's license, social security card, or birth certificate with my application?

No, these documents are not needed with your application. Only a COPY of your CIB is needed.

I recieved the CARES Hardship payment; do I need to reapply for this ARPA Hardship?

No, you are automatically qualified and approved for the ARPA. Unless you have a change of address, you will need to fill out the change of address form. 

Are the 'hardship' checks being sent to the chapter houses?

No, your hardship checks will be mailed to the address you provided in your application. No checks will be sent to any chapter houses.

Does the chapter house know the status of my application or check?

No, the chapter houses are not processing or involved in the distribution of hardship payments. However, if you need help filling out your application (especially if you are an elder/disabled person) then call the chapter house at (928)283-8284. 

If a person is over 18 years old, do they need to fill out a seperate application?

Yes, if an applicant is 18 years or older, they will need to apply on a separate application even if they live with you or you support them.


Can I apply for my girlfriend/boyfriend/unmarried partner?

No, you must apply each separately. Only married couples can apply on one application including their children or dependents.


Can I apply for my stepchildren, grandkids?

Yes, if you have legal guardianship with supporting documentation (guardianship papers). Send copies of documentation with application.


I lost or misplaced my CIB. How do I get a copy of my CIB to send with my application?

To obtain a copy of your CIB, send a request to the Navajo Nation Vital Records Office by mail or fax ONLY.

Request Form: Request_CIB_Copy

Mail to: Navajo Nation Vital Records Office 

PO Box 1510

Tuba City, AZ 86045

Fax: 928-283-3378 

I moved or have a new address, how do I change my address to recieve my hardship payment check?

You must complete this change of address form (Hardship Change of Address form) and return it to the Navajo Nation Office of the Controller. You can mail the change of address application to: Office of the Controller, PO Box 3150, Window Rock, AZ 86515
Or Scan and Email application to: or drop off at: Administration Building 1 in Window Rock, AZ

I or my child have never applied or recieved a CIB. How do I enroll with the Navajo Nation?

If you or your child have never been assigned a CIB with a Navajo census number which shows your official enrollment with the Navajo Nation, then you will need to submit an enrollment application (Request_New_CIB_Only) for a CIB that includes:

  • ORIGINAL Birth Certificate
  • Mother’s date of birth and Navajo Census number
  • Father’s date of birth and Navajo Census number
  • If either parent is not Navajo, then list their ethnicity

Mail completed enrollment forms to the:

Navajo Nation Vital Records Office

PO Box 1510 Tuba City, AZ 86045

Form must be mailed since this enrollment requires an original birth certificate.

Note: Form must be notarized. Contact a local public notary listed on this site.

How do I apply for ARPA hardship for a family member that is incarcerated?

If you are applying for an incarcerated family member, then you will need to obtain a Power of Attorney. However, if you cannot obtain a Power of Attorney, then do the following: 

  • have the inmate complete an application and have him/her sign the application and submit the application with his/her CIB. The application must be signed by the inmate unless you have power of attorney. 
I recieved a 'hardship' payment for a deceased family member, do I need to return it?

Yes, you must return all checks for deceased family members. You cannot cash a check for a deceased family member and you must return the check to ensure that the payment is returned in proper form to the Navajo Nation ARPA Fund. To return the check, send documentation including death certificate, copy of CIB, and date of birth of deceased with a written statement addressed to the Navajo Nation Office of the Controller. \

Mail: Office of the Controller PO Box 3150 Window Rock, AZ 86515


Can I still apply for the CARES Act Hardship payment ("1st Hardship") from 2020/2021?

No, the application period for relief payment under the CARES Act (“1st Hardship”) ended on December 23, 2021. The ARPA Hardship Payment application period is open until December 30, 2022. 

I need a public notary to complete my CIB enrollment form or request of a copy of my CIB, who do I contact?


1. Deydrek Scott: 928-600-9437

  • $2.00 – $5.00 per signature/cash
  • ID Required

2. Valley Ridge Mortuary: 928-640-2022

  • $3.00 per signature/cash
  • ID Required

3. Melissa Blackhair: 928-815-0442

  • $5.00 per signature/cash
  • ID Required

Note: Do not sign your application before bringing it to the notary. You must sign in front of the notary after they verify your identity with your ID. Otherwise, you will need to complete another application and sign again in front of the notary. 

The Navajo Nation Office of Vital Records is closed, how do I submit a request for a replacement CIB or enroll for a CIB if I don't have one yet?

The Navajo Nation Office of Vital Records is currently closed to the public.

  • Requests for CIBs due to misplaced or lost CIBs can be completed with this form: Request_CIB_Copy
  • New enrollment for a CIB for yourself or new born MUST be mailed with ORIGINAL birth certificate: Request_New_CIB_Only

Both forms require a notarized signature. Public notary services are available on the chapter website or on the FAQs page.